Hypnotic Suggestions YOU’RE GETTING SLEEPY !
Chuck Bollinger's COMEDY HYPNOTISM is a fascinating excursion into the inner depths of the human mind.  Sounds pretty heavy to me! Never fear, the show is a fun-filled, laugh packed romp that leaves audiences delighted and amazed.  The laughs are fast and furious with Bollinger's rapid fire wit leading the way, in a playful, non-threatening manner.  A group of spectators become the stars of the event while under the benevolent spell of the Master Hypnotist.  Rest assured, all participants will leave with dignity intact.
Students, corporate executives, and just plain folks agree; this Hypnosis Show will be the topic of conversation for quite a while. So, make your event something really special, and engage this incredible show TODAY !
One spectator will believe he or she is the Ambassador to Earth from the Planet Remulak, who can speak only Remulese! Another becomes Oprah and interviews the Ambassador, while a third serves as interpreter.

An audience member wears special glasses with unusual powers. First, they are Celebrity Finders that spot famous people who aren't really there. Then, they become Funny Glasses, and everything is hilarious. Next, they give the wearer the ability to see through clothing.
See ordinary people forget their name, occupation, the number 8, the President's name, and even their own SEX... all at the bidding of the Master Hypnotist!
HE HAS RETURNED!!! At least the participants think so when an outrageous, no-holds-barred, Elvis Impersonator contest is staged.
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