The Comedy Hypnotism Show is the perfect example of an audience participation event.  Willing spectators transform into the primary players in this fascinating experiment. As in any performance, success depends on planning and preparation.  To that end, I would like to make you aware of some things that will make your Comedy Hypnotism Show a stunning success.

1.  There should be at least 40 people in the audience.  Although nearly everyone can be hypnotized, only about 10 - 15 per cent can go into the hypnotic state quickly, deeply, and easily. These people  make the best participants.  Obviously, with more people in attendance, we are likely to find several good, willing subjects.

2.  Because of the delicate nature of the hypnotic induction process, it is necessary to get the full cooperation of the audience in the beginning of the show.  The selection of participants and the induction requires a great deal of concentration and focus. Loud chatter and a noisy atmosphere can easily disrupt that concentration, and everyone needs to be
sensitive to that circumstance.  After the induction process, the participants will be in a deeply relaxed state,  and quiet is no longer a must.

3.  The physical layout of the performance area is also important.  This show is best when performed in a standard theater configuration.  It is not a good idea to have the audience on all sides, or to have food tables between the audience and the performance area.  Further, it is best to set-up the show where it will not be disturbed.  Next to the kitchen door at a restaurant, or a space the audience must traverse to get to the bathroom are not the best choices for a successful event.

4. The Comedy Hypnotism Show is most successful when it has the complete focus of the evening.  It is impossible to have a good show in one corner of a banquet hall, while the karaoke machine operates in another.  

If you keep these HYPNOTIC SUGGESTIONS in mind when planning your event, the chances of having a SMASH HIT are greatly enhanced.
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