The ability to keep three things going at once is sometimes necessary in the modern world, and that's where the Juggling Workshop comes in handy. Chuck will guide his students along the way to mastering this ancient skill. Just watching won't do. This is an interactive program that requires an adventuresome spirit, some hand-eye co-ordination, and the desire to have some fun.
One, Two, Three, the objects pierce the sky, sometimes round, sometimes cylindrical, always defining unusual, unexpected pathways before returning to begin their path again and again.  No, they are not alien invaders from another galaxy!  They are juggling props - ball, clubs, axes, torches - dancing their gravity defying ballet, all at the bidding of the skillful performer. Chuck Bollinger makes full use of his juggling skills as part of his MagiComedy Show and his Roving Showcase of Entertainment. The props and jokes fly around the room at break-neck speed, leaving the audience gasping in wonder or laughing hysterically. When there is a Juggler in the house, things are always looking up.
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