Comedy is always a major part of Chuck Bollinger's performances.  Although he does not do traditional Stand-Up, he uses his natural wit and the on-going situation to provide laughs galore Chuck's adroit by-play with volunteers and the audience brings out the fun, without insult or indignity.  No one will be made the butt of practical jokes that are designed to embarrass. His humor is designed to help the entire audience have a memorable experience.
If you want to contemplate the mysteries of the universe, go to a Chekov play. But, if you want to laugh out loud, see any of Chuck's shows. You'll be glad you did!
guides people, one at a time, into an incredible, often weird, world of the SUPERNATURAL with pseudo-psychic card reading, magical ESP effects, and an off-beat sense of humor.  Some will gain insight, other will glimpse a wonderful life ahead, while others will just laugh out loud.  But, everyone will leave amazingly entertained.
Give any event a BRIGHT FUTURE with this one-on-one, magical mystery tour.
Although this performance is strictly for
Entertainment Purposes Only, some people will hang on every word.   By displaying the logo above, Chuck gives his audience an idea of the
comic nature of the show.
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