That great line from the old Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland movies is to remind you that a fantastic way to raise funds while having lots of fun is by putting on a show. The show should be fun, exciting, outrageous, and memorable. HypnoAid and CHB Entertainment offer just such a show. Chuck Bollinger, Magician Extraordinaire and Master Hypnotist, performs a Double Feature that combines all of his many talents, and provides a way for any group to raise money and insure a great time. The shows are separated by an intermission - First Act - MagiComedy;  Second Act - Comedy Hypnotism - so that the sponsoring group can sell snacks, t-shirts, or whatever items they choose to raise additional funds.

The Sponsoring Group and Chuck Bollinger would share evenly in the ticket sales (we suggest a $10 - $15 price on tickets but this is set by the Sponsoring Group), and Chuck Bollinger would be allowed to sell Show Souvenirs after the performance. The Sponsoring Group could sell refreshment, souvenirs, sign up new members, and sell ads in the Program Book. The Sponsoring Group would be responsible for publicity, ticket sales and the creation and printing of the Program Book. Chuck Bollinger would provide promotional material to assist in the promotion of the event.

Everyone should benefit from the performance, and a great time will be had by all.

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