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Is hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is 100% safe. You’re in control at every moment and you can stop at any time. The only side effect is you may find you have less stress in your life!

Can I be hypnotized?

Nearly everyone can be hypnotized.  The three exceptions are people with incredibly low IQs (below 60), people who are falling down drunk or under the influence of mind altering drugs, and people who will not let the process take place.

Can I be too strong-willed to be hypnotized?

Many people believe only weak-minded or gullible people can be hypnotized. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the reverse is true - intelligent and strong-willed, imaginative individuals are generally very successful with hypnosis.

When I'm hypnotized, will I be unconscious?

One of the major misconceptions is that while in hypnosis you lose conscious awareness. You don't! You don't even fall asleep. You're awake the whole time-- but your mind and body are in the ultimate state of relaxation.

When I'm under hypnosis, will I do crazy things?

If you've ever witnessed a "stage" hypnotist's show, it's obvious to see why people believe that when hypnotized people do crazy things. Remember- these are stage shows, and the hypnotist is being paid to entertain. When hypnosis is being used to treat serious problems, there is no chance you'll act like the people in a hupnosis show

When I'm under hypnosis, am I under the "power" of the Hypnotist?

A person cannot be hypnotized against their will. Furthermore, you could not be hypnotized to commit immoral or criminal acts against your will.

Will I tell my deepest, darkest secrets while I'm hypnotized?

The answer is no. You won't say or do anything that you don't want to. Hypnosis is not a "truth serum."

Can I get stuck in Hypnosis - if the hypnotist doesn's bring me out?

Of course not. Remember, although you're in the ultimate relaxed state in hypnosis, you're still aware of what's going on around you. You won't miss any fire alarms if they happen to go off!

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