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Hypnosis is a state of deep, focused relaxation, an altered state of consciousness if you will, in which we make direct contact with the unconscious mind.  Your subconscious is the part of you mind that takes care of the things you do automatically.  Under hypnosis, people generally become more receptive to suggestion, causing changes in the way they feel, think, and behave. That being said, it's important to note that in hypnosis you are NEVER under someone else's power or control. Hypnosis is just deep, focused relaxation and nothing more.

Have you ever been driving somewhere, and when you got there you had no recollection of the ride? Or have you ever been driving and been so deep in thought that you missed the street you wanted to turn on? That's what hypnosis is like. You're "there" but you're not "there."  You don't decide on every little thing you do while driving a car -- most of those actions are handled by your subconscious mind.   You're still able to drive the car... but for all other purposes your mind is somewhere else.

The deep relaxation and focusing exercises of hypnotism work to calm the conscious mind so that it takes a less active role in your thinking process. In this state, you're still completely aware of your surrounding, but your conscious mind turns over control to your subconscious mind. When you listen to a Hypnosis CD, the suggestions are communicated directly to your subconscious mind where the become second nature.  One thing to always remember, hypnosis is completely safe and very helpful in areas such as stress reduction, confidence building, smoking cessation, weight loss, concentration,  and lack of motivation.  

Using a HypnoAid.com Hypnosis CD is the first step in changing your life for the better.  Only you can decide to take that step.  Do so now, and get contol of your life.

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