What is HypnoAid.com?

At HYPNOAID.COM, we do just what our name implies.  We help people (individuals and organizations) through hypnosis.  

With our self-help Hypnosis CDs, we provide an individual the opportunity to improve his or her own lives by unlocking  innate, but hidden abilities.  Everyone is born with the unlimited capacity to live a complete, full healthy life that is unfettered by what most people consider being the ordinary obstacles of living, the barriers to happiness.  We help people breakdowns their personal barriers and achieve a positive mind set that will help them achieve whatever they desire in life.  You mind is a powerful instrument, and with a little guidance, each mind can transform lives in a positive wonderful way.  HYPNOAID.COM, through the Hypnosis CDs, provides that guidance, and helps a person achieve his or her full potential.  For more information about the Hypnosis CDs, click on the HYPNOSIS CDs button to the left.

HYPNOAID.COM also helps non-profits organizations to raise funds for the group by offering a Comedy Hypnotism entertainment program that can be used as a fund-raising tool.  The organization can sell tickets to the event, sell refreshments before, during, and after the show, and sell ads in the show program.  All of these things can raise funds for the organization.  HYPNOAID.COM and Chuck Bollinger would only share in the tickets sales and be allowed to sell the Hypnosis CDs at a discounted rate to patrons.  Everyone benefits.  The organization raises much needed funds, the audience is introduced to the fascinating World of Hypnosis while having a great time enjoying the show, and HYPNOAID.COM and Chuck Bollinger can spread the word about the services that can be provided.  For more information, click the FUND-RAISING button to the left.

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