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The Big Apple Circus Clown Care (SM) hospital clowning program brings laughter and joy to the bedsides of acutely and chronically ill children year round. The program was established in 1986 by Big Apple Circus Co-Founder Michael Christensen.

Clown Care (SM) "Clown Doctors" are specially selected and trained professional performers who are trained to work in the sensitive hospital environment. Annually more than ninety Clown Doctors make 250,000 one-on-one bedside visits in pediatric services throughout the hospital, including: intensive care units, bone marrow transplant centers, burn treatment centers, pediatric AIDS units, emergency rooms, acute care clinics, physical therapy units and in-patient and out-patient facilities.

Chuck Bollinger brings his own brand of Clown Doctoring to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, and Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC.  As a member of the Clown Care Unit, Doctor Chucklehead and his partner of the day, help make the lives of hospitalized children a little more tolerable, and sometimes even pleasurable. There is nothing more precious than a child’s laughter.